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We provide full site design and delivery no matter how big or complex the site is. As well as this, Luminaire also manages site infrastructure, facilities, structures, power, site lighting, security & medical, health & safety and noise management solutions.

We know that in order to provide innovative designs, creative content and top-level experiences the people behind the creations must be both inspirational and full of positive energy.

Luminaire have the freshest ideas and we always make sure guests have fun, whatever the event.

Festivals are one of the highlights of our summers. We create main stage concepts, amazing lighting design, special effects, and install the best sound systems to make sure everyone has the best time possible.

It's more than just music

More than just a gathering

There are so many elements necessary to create a successful festival, and when Luminaire looks after both the technical delivery and the infrastructure, our partnered festival organisers need only sell the tickets.

We work alongside festival designers from all over the world to create exciting concepts, scenic builds and execute them to be durable and safe.

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